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Puglia Italy (or Apulia) is a gem for visitors looking for relatively non commercialised regions of Europe to explore and holiday in. Easy to locate on a map, just look for the heel of the boot of the Italian peninsular, giving it a huge coastline of cliffs, coves and deserted beaches. For those used to the Spanish Costas, it will probably be a bit of a culture shock as it is not completely concreted over, in fact many of the towns are located a few miles inland, a result of pirate attacks centuries ago.

Puglia covers approximately 7,500 square mile and has a population of only 4 million, mainly concentrated in the towns and cities, there are not many of what I would call villages and the countryside is virtually empty apart from the many holiday villas owned by Italian city dwellers that are empty most of the year.

On the various pages of this site you will find all the info that you require to ensure your holiday or even purchase of your very own home from home is successful, with links to hotels, flights, ferries, car hire and much more.

Puglia Town
A typical old quarter square in Puglia

More Puglia Photos

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